Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pet sounds?

What are bands you'd like to see included in The Power Pop Movie?

Famous and semi-famous ones? Ones only power-pop fans know, or ones way off the beaten path?

For an indie documentary, release rights will definitely be a challenge on major-label recordings, but it's blue-sky time here, so let's put that aside for the moment.

What bands spell power pop to you, and what bands deserve more visibility than they historically or currently have?

Likewise, are there favorite power pop songs and albums that you'd like us to be considering for discussion or inclusion in the film? Extra points for music that is effervescent, the key quality of what we want to focus on.


  1. Big Star, The Shoes, Redd Kross, Shazam, Aerial, Angel Kaplan, Tommy Lorente, Forty Nineteens, Bryan Estepa, Propellor, The Bottle Kids, The Cool Whips, The Sensibles. What, Really?, Baby Scream, Paul Ivey, The Go Wows, Ken Simpson, Travel Lanes, The Newds, The Solicitors, The Zags, Nick Piunti, Dany Laj, The Go Wows, Chris Richards and The Subtractions, Phonograph, The Popdogs, The Turnback, Marshall Arts, Phenomenal Cat. Many of these artists are on a compilation that I put out recently on "Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Records" on Bandcamp, also on the Furtureman band camp page for free download. Well worth a listen for some undiscovered new power pop.

    1. Thanks, Rick! Several new ones to me, I'll check 'em out!

  2. Justin,

    We should talk. I am currently finishing production on a brand new album for Emitt Rhodes. The backing band features members of Jellyfish, Rooney and The New Pornographers. Perhaps I can arrange some interviews for the project? Send me an email and we can discuss.

    Chris Price

  3. Thanks, Chris! Emitt is a true power pop legend.

  4. Dennis Diken's Bell Sound, Pezband, Sounds Like Digging, Eytan Misky, The Legal Matters, Badfinger, Raspberries, The Atlantics, Rubinoos, Pezband

  5. Thanks, Michael--I'll check out the ones I'm not familiar with!

  6. The Modulators!!! Ask David Bash about them at IPO.

  7. Justin - I'm really excited about this project as power pop has turned into a lifelong obsession and unending source of enjoyment for me. So many bands and so many different directions you could go. Many have been mentioned above that I enjoy but here's some more....these are all singer/songwriters I would consider to be power pop....Ben Kweller, Bobby Emmett, Bobby Sutliffe, Brendan Benson, Cliff Hillis, Clint Sutton, Cotton Mather, David Mead, David Grahame, Doug Powell, Dwight Twilley, Eugene Edwards, Greg Pope, Jason Falkner, Kai Reiner, Nick Heyward, Tommy Keene. I might be chiming in with more later! Thanks much for taking this on!