Thursday, December 4, 2014

Calling all ears!

We're looking for recommendations of power pop tunes that fit one or more of the following descriptions (so much the better if they're on indie labels/self-released):
  • Songs that would have been #1 hits in a perfect world
  • Songs that are infectious and effervescent
  • Songs that directly channel specific '60s bands and later power pop influences
  • Songs about music / making records / power pop / British Invasion
  • Songs about being independent / taking matters into your own hands
  • Songs about loss / sadness / unrewarded efforts
  • Songs about growing / surviving / thriving
Where possible, please include links to YouTube videos, Spotify, etc.

Also of interest are:
  • Great stories about power pop bands
  • Resources such as vintage footage
  • Pet answers—your own or favorite quotes—to "What is power pop?"
Please post in comments here or send to