Monday, July 20, 2015

"The Power Pop Movie" interviews conducted so far

(Updated 3/28/17)

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By person

Phil Ajjarapu
Tommy Allen (The Flashcubes)
Derrick Anderson (The Andersons!, The Bangles, Dave Davies band)
Rusty Anderson (The Paul McCartney Band, Rusty Anderson Afternoon, Ednaswap)
Ted Ansani (Material Issue)
Rod Argent (The Zombies, Argent)
Paul Armstrong (The Flashcubes)
Willie Aron (The Balancing Act, Mystery Pop, Wild Honey Orchestra)
Tony Asher (The Beach Boys)
Corin Ashley (solo, The Pills)
Berton Averre (The Knack)
Jim Babjak (The Smithereens) 
Cary Baker (journalist, publicist)
Kurt Baker (Kurt Baker Band/Combo)
Ronnie Barnett (The Muffs)
Morley Bartnoff (Cosmo Topper, Burning Sensations, Stew & The Negro Problem, Dramarama)
Steve Barton (Translator)
David Bash (festival organizer: International Pop Overthrow)
Joel Beerman (Elvyn)
Ryan Beerman (Elvyn
Danny Benair (The Three O'Clock, The Quick)
Scott Bennett (solo, The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Band, Falling Wallendas)
Moe Berg (The Pursuit of Happiness
Mimi Betinis (solo, Pezband)
Wyatt Blair (solo, label founder: Lolipop Records, festival organizer: Lolipalooza)
Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub, The New Mendicants)
Bleu (producer, solo, The Major Labels, L.E.O.)
Colin Blunstone (The Zombies)
Rob Bonfiglio (solo, Wanderlust, The Skies Of America, producer/musical director of Wilson Phillips)
John Borack (writer: Goldmine, Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide, Popdudes)
Nelson Bragg (solo, The Beach Boys)
Cait Brennan
Hugh Brown (artist/creative director: Rhino Records, "Knuke the Knack" originator)
Clem Burke (Blondie, The Empty Hearts, The International Swingers, The Plimsouls)
John Calacci (tour manager)
Jeremy Cargill (writer: Ugly Things, label founder: Got Kinda Lost records)
Ducky Carlisle (producer, The Major Labels)
Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick, Tinted Windows)
Chris Carter (Dramarama, DJ: Breakfast with the Beatles, movie producer: Mayor of Sunset Strip, producer, artist management)
Peter Case (solo, The Plimsouls, The Nerves) 
Michael Chabon (writer: Tragic Magic: Reflections On Power Pop, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay)
Chris Collingwood (Fountains of Wayne)
Paul Collins (The Beat/The Paul Collins Beat, The Nerves)
Marshall Crenshaw
Ron Dante (The Archies, The Cuff Links, producer)
Dave the Boogieman (DJ: 11L Radio New York International)
Dennis Diken (The Smithereens)
Mary E. Donnelly (writer: Powerpop blog, Boys Don't Lie: A History of Shoes, Rolling Stone))
Craig Dorfman (biographer: forthcoming book on Jellyfish)
Linus Dotson (Linus of Hollywood)
Terry Draper (solo, Klaatu)
Mitch Easter (Let's Active, Big Star's Third, producer: REM)
Steve Eggers (The Nines)
Lee Elliott (Blue Cartoon)
Brad Elvis (The Romantics, The Elvis Brothers, Screams, The Handcuffs, Big Hello)
Victor Erwin (marketing director: SpyderPop Records)
Jason Falkner (solo, Jellyfish, The Three O'Clock, The Grays, TV Eyes)
Jay Ferguson (Sloan)
John Ferriter (manager, producer, The Tearaways, The Stingrays)
Lannie Flowers (solo, The Pengwins)
Ron Flynt (20/20)
Dave Foley (actor: Kids in the Hall, NewsRadio)
Jeffrey Foskett (solo, The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Band)
Gary Frenay (solo, The Flashcubes)
Wyatt Funderburk (solo, Kurt Baker Band, The Explorers Club, Second Saturday)
Carl Giammarese (solo, The Buckinghams) 
David Gibbs (Gigolo Aunts)
Gary Pig Gold (writer/publisher: The Pig Paper, solo, producer)
Dave Gregory (XTC, Big Big Train, Tin Spirits)
Probyn Gregory (The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Band, Eels, Wondermints, Stew & The Negro Problem)
Joseph Guese (The Click Five)
Nick Guzman
Robert Harrison (Cotton Mather, Future Clouds and Radar)
Rick Hromadka (solo, Maple Mars, Ruby Free, Double Naught Spies)
Mark Hudson (The Hudson Brothers)
Stephen Hurley (Gigolo Aunts)
Ross Inden (The Leopards)
Mike Isenberg (The Jets)
Luke Jackson (label founder: Popsicle Recordings, solo)
David Jenkins (The Motion, Dave Davies band, Wild Honey Orchestra)
Cliff Johnson (Off Broadway, Pezband)
Wade Johnson (solo, The Pengwins)
Cyril Jordan (Flamin' Groovies)
Anthony Kaczynski (Fireking, Figures on a Beach)
Len Kasper (Chicago Cubs TV announcer)
Tommy Keene
Brendan Kelly (A Fragile Tomorrow)
Dominic Kelly (A Fragile Tomorrow)
Sean Kelly (A Fragile Tomorrow)
Maura Kennedy (The Kennedys)
Pete Kennedy (The Kennedys)
Tom Kenny (actor: SpongeBob SquarePants and Mr. Show)
Scott Klass (The Davenports)
Gary Klebe (Shoes)
Jeremy Knibbs (Elvyn
Aaron Kupferberg (writer: Powerpopaholic blog)
Jim Laspesa (Green Jellö, The Muffs, Dave Davies band, Baby Lemonade, Susanna Hoffs band, Bob Cowsill Band)
Candy Leonard (writer: Beatleness)
Gabi Lima (solo, producer, engineer)
Taylor Locke (Rooney, Taylor Locke and the Roughs)
Dave Loren (Blue Cartoon)
Earle Mankey (producer: 20/20 and The Three O'Clock, Sparks)
Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, The Moog Cookbook, TV Eyes)
Ryan Maynes (Secret Powers)
Scott McCarl (Raspberries)
Michael McCartney (DJ: The Time Machine Radio Show)
Moira McCormick (writer: Boys Don't Lie: A History of Shoes, Rolling Stone)
Jeff McDonald (Redd Kross)
Steven McDonald (Redd Kross)
Ric Menck (Velvet Crush, Choo Choo Train)
Ethan Mentzer (The Click Five)
Brett Milano (writer: Boston Globe, Don't All Thank Me At Once: The Lost Pop Genius of Scott Miller, Vinyl Junkies: Adventures in Record Collecting)
Mike Mills (REM, The Baseball Project, Big Star's Third)
Eytan Mirsky
Joey Molland (Badfinger)
Jeremy Morris (solo, label founder: JAM Recordings)
Bill Mumy (actor: Twilight Zone and Lost in Space, solo, Barnes & Barnes)
Chris Murphy (Sloan)
Jeff Murphy (Shoes)
John Murphy (Shoes)
Lisa Mychols (solo, Lisa Mychols 3, The Masticators, Nushu)
Paul Myers (writer: A Wizard A True Star: Todd Rundgren in the Studio, The Paul and John, The Gravelberrys)
David Myhr (solo, The Merrymakers)
Prescott Niles (The Knack)
Jordan Oakes (editor/publisher/compilation producer: Yellow Pills)
Alec Palao (reissue producer, The Sneetches, Powder)
Andy Paley (The Paley Brothers, producer)
Jonathan Paley (The Paley Brothers)
Dennis Pash (The Leopards)
Ray Paul (solo, Ray Paul & RPM, label founder: Permanent Press)
Cheryl Pawelski (A&R/producer: Capitol/EMI Records, Concord Music Group, and Rhino Entertainment, label co-founder: Omnivore Recordings)
Fernando Perdomo (producer, solo, Dreaming in Stereo, Transcendence, Dirty Diamond, and The Super Fuzz)
Anthony Douglas Perkins (Martin Luther Lennon, festival organizer: Poptopia)
Andrea Perry (solo, Pop 4, Kaliyo)
Debbi Peterson (The Bangles)
Vicki Peterson (The Bangles)
Alan Petsche (The Pengwins, movie executive producer: Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, label founder: SpyderPop Records)
Jody Porter (solo, Fountains of Wayne)
John Powhida (John Powhida International Airport, The Rudds)
Chris Price (producer: Emitt Rhodes, solo, Taylor Locke and the Roughs)
Delbert Raines (The Pengwins)
Mike Randle (solo, Baby Lemonade, Love Revisited, Napoleon Dolemite)
Dave Rave (solo, Teenage Head)
Brian Ray (solo, The Paul McCartney Band, The Bayonets, Reggie Knighton Band)
Kristin Pinell Reil (The Grip Weeds, The Rooks)
Kurt Reil (The Grip Weeds)
Rick Reil (The Grip Weeds)
Emitt Rhodes (solo, The Merry-Go-Round)
Robbie Rist (actor: The Brady Bunch and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Andersons!, Wonderboy, Ballzy Tomorrow)
Ira Robbins (editor/publisher: Trouser Press magazine)
Paul Rock (festival organizer: Wild Honey Foundation)
Edward Rogers
Ben Romans (The Click Five)
Brad Rosenberger (label co-founder: Omnivore Recordings)
Jon Rubin (The Rubinoos)
Todd Rundgren (solo, Nazz, Utopia)
Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne, Tinted Windows)
Frank Secich (Blue Ash, Stiv Bators Band, Deadbeat Poets, writer: Circumstantial Evidence)
Bob Segarini (solo, The Wackers, DJ/VJ)
Joseph Seiders (The New Pornographers)
Ken Sharp (solo, writer: Play On! Power Pop Heroes, Sound Explosion!: Inside LA’s Studio Factory with the Wrecking Crew, Overnight Sensation: The Story of the Raspberries, and Reputation Is a Fragile Thing: The Story of Cheap Trick)
Kim Shattuck (The Muffs, The Pandoras)
Steve Simels (writer: Powerpop blog, Stereo Review, The Floor Models)
Michael Simmons (Yorktown Lads, sparkle*jets uk)
Rick Springfield
Lane Steinberg (solo, The Wind)
Rusty Squeezebox (Baby Lemonade, Love Revisited, Napoleon Dolemite)
Jody Stephens (Big Star, Those Pretty Wrongs)
Gary Stewart (record executive: Rhino Entertainment, co-founder: Trunkworthy)
Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, Big Star)
Matthew Sweet (solo, The Thorns, Ming Tea)
Seth Swirsky (The Red Button)
Shel Talmy (producer: The Creation, The Easybeats, The Kinks, The Who)
Dwight Twilley (solo, Dwight Twilley Band)
Tony Valenziano (label founder: Smile Records, The Stand, Smash, The Ultra Suede)
Jaimie Vernon (label founder: Bullseye Records, solo, author: Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia)
Elijah Wald (author: How the Beatles Destroyed Rock 'n' Roll)
Thomas Walsh (Pugwash)
Chris White (The Zombies)
John Wicks (The Records)
Danny Wilkerson (solo, The Pengwins)
Robin Wills (The Barracudas)
Chris Wilson (Flamin' Groovies, The Barracudas)
John Woloschuk (Klaatu)
Chip Z'Nuff (Enuff Z'Nuff)
Mike Zelenko (Material Issue)
Miles Zuniga (Fastball)

By band

20/20 (Ron Flynt)
The Andersons! (Derrick Anderson, Robbie Rist)
The Archies (Ron Dante)
Argent (Rod Argent)
Baby Lemonade (Jim Laspesa, Mike Randle, Rusty Squeezebox)
Badfinger (Joey Molland)
The Balancing Act (Willie Aron)
Ballzy Tomorrow (Robbie Rist)
The Bangles (Derrick Anderson, Debbi Peterson, Vicki Peterson)
Barnes & Barnes (Bill Mumy)
The Barracudas (Robin Wills, Chris Wilson)
The Baseball Project (Mike Mills)
The Bayonets (Brian Ray)
The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Band (Tony Asher, Scott Bennett, Jeffrey Foskett, Probyn Gregory)
The Beat (Paul Collins)
Big Big Train (Dave Gregory)
Big Hello (Brad Elvis)
Big Star / Big Star's Third (Mitch Easter, Mike Mills, Jody Stephens, Ken Stringfellow)
Blondie (Clem Burke)
Blue Ash (Frank Secich)
Blue Cartoon (Lee Elliott, Dave Loren)
Bob Cowsill Band (Jim Laspesa)
The Buckinghams (Carl Giammarese)
Burning Sensations (Morley Bartnoff)
Cheap Trick (Bun E. Carlos)
Choo Choo Train (Ric Menck)
The Click Five (Joseph Guese, Ethan Mentzer, Ben Romans)
Cosmo Topper (Morley Bartnoff)
Cotton Mather (Robert Harrison)
The Cuff Links (Ron Dante)
The Davenports (Scott Klass)
Dave Davies band (Derrick Anderson, David Jenkins, Jim Laspesa)
Deadbeat Poets (Frank Secich)
Dirty Diamond (Fernando Perdomo)
Double Naught Spies (Rick Hromadka)
Dramarama (Morley Bartnoff, Chris Carter)
Dreaming in Stereo (Fernando Perdomo)
The Dwight Twilley Band (Dwight Twilley)
Ednaswap (Rusty Anderson)
Eels (Probyn Gregory)
The Elvis Brothers (Brad Elvis)
Elvyn (Joel Beerman, Ryan Beerman, Jeremy Knibbs)
The Empty Hearts (Clem Burke)
Enuff Z'Nuff (Chip Z'Nuff)
The Explorers Club (Wyatt Funderburk)
Falling Wallendas (Scott Bennett)
Fastball (Miles Zuniga)
Figures on a Beach (Anthony Kaczynski)
Fireking (Anthony Kaczynski)
Flamin' Groovies (Cyril Jordan, Chris Wilson)
The Flashcubes (Tommy Allen, Paul Armstrong, Gary Frenay)
The Floor Models (Steve Simels)
Fountains of Wayne (Chris Collingwood, Jody Porter, Adam Schlesinger)
A Fragile Tomorrow (Brendan, Dominic, and Sean Kelly)
Future Clouds and Radar (Robert Harrison)
Gigolo Aunts (David Gibbs, Stephen Hurley)
The Gravelberrys (Paul Myers)
The Grays (Jason Falkner)
Green Jello (Jim Laspesa)
The Grip Weeds (Kristin Pinell Reil, Kurt Reil, Rick Reil)
The Handcuffs (Brad Elvis)
The Hudson Brothers (Mark Hudson)
Imperial Drag (Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.)
International Swingers (Clem Burke)
Jellyfish (Jason Falkner, Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.)
The Jets (Mike Isenberg)
John Powhida International Airport (John Powhida)
Kaliyo (Andrea Perry)
The Kennedys (Maura Kennedy, Pete Kennedy)
Klaatu (Terry Draper, John Woloschuk)
The Knack (Berton Averre, Prescott Niles)
Kurt Baker Band/Combo (Kurt Baker)
L.E.O. (Bleu)
The Leopards (Ross Inden, Dennis Pash)
Let's Active (Mitch Easter)
Linus of Hollywood (Linus Dotson)
Lisa Mychols 3 (Lisa Mychols)
The Major Labels (Bleu, Ducky Carlisle)
Maple Mars (Rick Hromadka)
Martin Luther Lennon (Anthony Douglas Perkins)
The Masticators (Lisa Mychols)
Material Issue (Ted Ansani, Mike Zelenko)
The Merry-Go-Round (Emitt Rhodes)
The Merrymakers (David Myhr)
Ming Tea (Matthew Sweat)
The Moog Cookbook (Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.)
The Motion (David Jenkins)
The Muffs (Ronnie Barnett, Jim Laspesa, Kim Shattuck)
Mystery Pop (Willie Aron)
Nazz (Todd Rundgren)
The Nerves (Peter Case, Paul Collins)
The New Mendicants (Norman Blake)
The New Pornographers (Joseph Seiders)
The Nines (Steve Eggers)
Nushu (Lisa Mychols)
Off Broadway (Cliff Johnson)
The Paley Brothers (Andy Paley, Jonathan Paley)
The Pandoras (Kim Shattuck)
The Paul and John (Paul Myers)
Paul McCartney's band (Brian Ray)
The Pengwins (Lannie Flowers, Wade Johnson, Alan Petsche, Delbert Raines, Danny Wilkerson)
Pezband (Mimi Betinis, Cliff Johnson)
The Pills (Corin Ashley)
The Plimsouls (Clem Burke, Peter Case)
Pop 4 (Andrea Perry)
Popdudes (John Borack)
The Posies (Ken Stringfellow)
Powder (Alec Palao)
Pugwash (Thomas Walsh)
The Pursuit of Happiness (Moe Berg)
The Quick (Danny Benair)
Raspberries (Scott McCarl)
Ray Paul & RPM (Ray Paul)
The Records (John Wicks)
The Red Button (Seth Swirsky)
Reggie Knighton Band (Brian Ray)
REM (Mike Mills)
The Romantics (Brad Elvis)
The Rooks (Kristin Pinell Reil)
Rooney (Taylor Locke)
The Rubinoos (Jon Rubin)
Ruby Free (Rick Hromadka)
The Rudds (John Powhida)
Rusty Anderson Afternoon (Rusty Anderson) 
Screams (Brad Elvis)
Secret Powers (Ryan Maynes)
Second Saturday (Wyatt Funderburk) 
Shoes (Gary Klebe, Jeff Murphy, John Murphy)
The Skies Of America (Rob Bonfiglio)
Sloan (Jay Ferguson, Chris Murphy)
Smash (Tony Valenziano)
The Smithereens (Jim Babjak, Dennis Diken)Sneetches (Alec Palao)
sparkle*jets U.K. (Michael Simmons)
Sparks (Earle Mankey)
The Stand (Tony Valenziano)
Stew & The Negro Problem (Morley Bartnoff, Probyn Gregory)
The Stingrays (John Ferriter) 
Stiv Bators Band (Frank Secich)
The Super Fuzz (Fernando Perdomo)
Susanna Hoffs band (Jim Laspesa)
Taylor Locke and the Roughs (Taylor Locke, Chris Price)
The Tearaways (John Ferriter)
Teenage Fanclub (Norman Blake)
Teenage Head (Dave Rave)
The Thorns (Matthew Sweet)
Those Pretty Wrongs (Jody Stephens)
The Three O'Clock (Danny Benair, Jason Falkner)
Tin Spirits (Dave Gregory)
Tinted Windows (Bun E. Carlos, Adam Schlesinger)
Transcendence (Fernando Perdomo)
Translator (Steve Barton)
TV Eyes (Jason Falkner, Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.)
The Ultra Suede (Tony Valenziano)
Utopia (Todd Rundgren)
Velvet Crush (Ric Menck)
Wanderlust (Rob Bonfiglio)
Wild Honey Orchestra (Willie Aron, David Jenkins)
The Wind (Lane Steinberg)
Wondermints (Probyn Gregory)
XTC (Dave Gregory)
Yorktown Lads (Michael Simmons)
The Zombies (Rod Argent, Colin Blunstone, Chris White)


  1. Well, I would definitely say that's a who's who of the genre...well done!

  2. Mind-blowing! You must have some good frequent flier miles by now, Justin!


  3. Honored to be a part of this wonderful project and glad to have met you, Justin, and shred some fun in Texas!

  4. Exciting stuff! I've worked (graphically) with many of these artists, so its cool to see this movie in progress!!!!

  5. I can see this being a 2 dvd set.